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amanda lawrence glass

Crossover pieces

Some of my work is purely kiln formed; some is purely engraved; some, my 'crossover pieces', involve both techniques.  Engraving and kiln-forming are not often used together, but to my mind they make an excellent partnership, each contributing something crucial and complementary to the project.  Kiln forming enables large, impressionistic, 3-dimensional shapes, grabbing the viewer's attention.  Engraving enables detail and precision, drawing the eye in close.  Sometimes I use kiln-forming to create a blank 'canvas' for a full-scale engraving, and sometimes I use engraving to add small but crucial surface details or textures to a kiln formed piece. Sometimes both techniques are equally important to the realisation of a piece.

"Life is trying things to see if they work."  

Ray Bradbury

Frozen plume: fused and slumped glass vessel, drill engraved