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Don’t bother Martha!

Amanda has just completed her first venture into storytelling in glass.

Don't Bother Martha! is a joint storytelling project with local children's writer and fellow Slad Valley resident Christine O'Neill.  Christine has written a charming springtime story for young children which Amanda has used as the inspiration for a striking series of glass sculptures.

Samuel is fascinated by his grandmother's broody hen, which is sitting on eggs in her garden.  He knows he isn't allowed to disturb the hen but each day he creeps nearer to her nest under the hedge and on the way finds various wildlife 'treasures' - one speckled egg on day one, two curly caterpillars on day two... and so on.  He also catches tantalising glimpses of the chicken as she broods her eggs, but he remembers what Grandma said - "Don't bother Martha!  Just let that chicken rest!"   Then on day seven he finds seven empty eggshells....  Will he finally get to see Martha and her chicks?

Interpreting the story in glass has been great fun - perhaps especially challenging to create in glass was Samuel's 'treasure' for day five - five slimy slugs!

The story and the glass illustrations will next be on show at the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen's summer exhibition at Chipping Campden Town Hall from Saturday 15th August to Sunday 23rd August.  E-mail if you would like an invitation to the show.

Meanwhile, Don't Bother Martha! is now a book, suitable for 3-7 year olds, illustrated with photos of the glass, available from Amazon.  Click here for details.

Christine O'Neill is a children's writer and storyteller.  She visits schools, pre-schools and libraries, sharing her stories and helping children to develop their confidence as storytellers.. Read more at

Five Slimy Slugs!