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The Valley Project
Walk 1 - A Spring and a promise: to where the Dillay rises Walk 2 - Life and death in the Dillay valley: Dillay Farm Walk 3 - The tree cathedral: lower section of Dillay Farm Walk 4 - Bridges and beasts: Snows Farm Nature Reserve Walk 5 - A wildlife experience: Snows Farm Reserve 2 Walk 6 - Up hummock and down cleft: Dillay through Down Farm Walk 7 - A good place for kingfishers: from Steanbridge Mill to the village pond Walk 8 - Slad Brook rising: Detcombe Woods Walk 10 - Of hazels, holes and giant squirrels: Upper Steanbridge Mill garden Walk 11 - A Flash of Blue: Steanbridge House lake and woods Walk 12 - A short walk though long grass: the Church Field Walk 13 - Cattle and Casualties of Time: Painswick Slad Farm Walk 14 - Fungi and flashes of colour: Spring Cottages and Stroud Slad Farm Walk 15 - A Cat's-cradle of water: Vatch House garden Walk 16 - In winter dormancy: Wade's Farm field Walk 17 - Sluice gates and secret stream: Upper Vatch Mill Walk 18 - The case of the disappearing stream: Hazel Mill Walk 19: Footprints in the Frost - Snows Farm Nature Reserve (revisit) Walk 20: The Silent Stream - Upper Dillay under ice (revisit) Walk 21 - Where town and country meet: Slade House Walk 22: - Under the eaves of Stroud: Baxter's Fields Walk 23: Fungi and Small Mammals - Detcombe Woods (revisit) Walk 24: The Tree Building-Site - Dillay Farm South (revisit) Walk 25: An unexpected walk - Rycote land Walk 26: The Last of the Brook - Stroud end of Slad Road Walk 27: In the steps of the animals - Church Field (revisit) Walk 28: Cow Parsley Cappucino - Steanbridge Mill and the duck pond (revisit) Walk 29: Duckling Dramas - Steanbridge Estate (revisit) Walk 30: A Wood of Puzzles - the Wood of Remembrance Walk 31: One Trouser is Better than No Walk - Frith Wood (1) Walk 35: A Wild Wood - Trantershill Plantation Walk 36: From rim to rim - the drovers' road from Bulls Cross to Stroud Walk 39: Dawn Light and Daw's Lane

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Walk 9 - Root, branch and green canopy: Down Farm fields